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10-pound PAIL of Gopher Scram granular gopher repellent

Item #: 13010
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10-pound PAIL of Gopher Scram granular repellent -- protects up to 6,000 square feet.

  • Drive gophers away from valuable yards, gardens and landscapes.
  • Stop gophers from tunneling for food and building mounds of dirt on the surface.
  • Protect utility lines, water pipes, sprinkler systems and other underground irrigation networks.
  • Keep family, pets and friends safe from injuries in soft soils.


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Gopher Scram -- America's Finest™ Gopher Repellent -- is guaranteed to keep gophers out of valuable gardens and yards where these small rodents ruin landscapes above and under the ground. Gopher Scram was developed to effectively drive gophers away, reduce the damage they cause and increase personal safety. Gophers visibly damage lawns, while they destroy surrounding green plants above the ground and pull plants underground from inside their shallow tunnels that also can cause family injuries when surface soil collapses.

Gopher damage is most severe in the spring and fall when gophers are active near the soil's surface. Gopher dig hundreds of feet of shallow tunnels every month, pushing several mounds of soil onto the landscape surface daily as they forage for roots of trees, vines, grass and young plants -- especially green, succulent varieties planted annually by gardeners of fine gardens. Plants are often clipped off at the surface or pulled from below into the tunnel.

But gopher damage doesn’t stop there! Gopher tunnels also threaten the integrity and safety of utility lines, water pipes, sprinkler systems and other underground irrigation networks.

Gopher Scram’s biodegradable, environmentally safe, long-lasting, granular formula is guaranteed to keep gophers out of your yards, gardens and landscapes, while not being offensive to people. Blended from selected, all-natural, organic components, Gopher Scram is used as a direct-barrier gopher repellent that does not harm animals. Gopher Scram repels gophers and alters their environment in two ways: Food tastes bad and their digestive system is disturbed; and the tunnels and surrounding soil smell bad to gophers.

Apply Gopher Scram any time of year! Gophers never stop tunneling, creating hazards to pets and people all year long. Gopher Scram offers homeowners and property owners the protection needed to prevent gophers damage in gardens, yards and landscaping from unwanted gophers, while leaving yards safe for family and pets.

Try Gopher Scram with no risk! We guarantee an all-natural, safe and effective solution to your gopher problems and 100% plant protection from gopher tunneling and foraging. We will promptly refund your full purchase price if it doesn't work.

Order your 3½-pound SHAKER CONTAINER of Gopher Scram granular gopher repellent now! Protects up to 6,000 square feet of valuable gardens, yards and landscapes.

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