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Enviro Protection Industries Company, Inc. (EPIC), maker of America’s Finest™ repellents, is the nation’s premier natural, organic repellent company. Our study of animal behavior, environmental systems and the mechanisms of natural repellent substances is unequaled.

Ecology rather than chemistry or commerce drives the development and refinement of our products. The intimate understanding of an animal’s behavior – where and how it lives, how it travels and how it finds food – is the key starting point to effectively change its habits. At EPIC, our research team literally tries to “become” the animal we’re trying to deter, to spend a day living its life. Assuming that perspective provides great insight into its likes and dislikes.

Understanding of climate, seasonality, and changes in temperature and moisture are also crucial in determining how natural substances can affect an animal’s behavior. That same knowledge also helps us determine how long a repellent can last and how we can extend its deterrence.

Animals evolve to live within ranges that accommodate their needs for food and breeding. Many species also quickly learn to adapt to rapidly changing conditions such as temperature, moisture levels and changes in vegetation. This permits them immediate prosperity and extension of their natural ranges even before genetics and evolution “hardwire” adaptations into their inherited biology.

The application of ecology in the use of natural repellents within localized ecosystems also requires us to understand how human activities have quickly modified environments. Changes in the balance of forest, field and manicured lawns and other open grassy spaces such as corporate campuses and golf courses often improve animal habitats. Preservation of parks and wetlands encourage animal habitation and the spread of their activities to adjacent areas developed by people.

Extremely positive changes by humans in reducing the use of poisons and pesticides and the substitution of natural organic nutrition for chemical fertilizers have also strongly enhanced the habitats and ranges of native animals. Our use of non-local or non-native plant species for their beauty and hardiness also introduce new food sources to local animals.

A good example is the creation of suburban and rural homesteads with healthy trees, shrubs and flowers and vegetables along with luscious lawns where woods or open fields had prevailed. This creation of “edges” where deer prosper, and where they are protected while intermingled with their human neighbors, has greatly contributed to a doubling of the population of whitetail deer in the US in the last 50 years.

In another instance, lawn cultivation utilizing the best aeration and organic fertilizing methods has greatly improved the environment for earthworms, in turn increasing the population of moles that feed on them.

Our reliance on the principles of ecology also incorporates our core philosophy of protecting our environment through the use of safe natural substances to deter unwanted animal behavior.

Please visit our Research and Development page to learn more about how we develop natural substances into unique formulas that change animal behavior within local ecosystems.

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