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Our Mission is like every company’s – to manufacture and sell high quality products and provide excellent service to our customers.

Our philosophy – which underpins our mission and our day to day goals - is more important. It drives our thinking, our research, our daily operations and our communication with our customers in serving their needs and solving their problems.

We believe in working toward a better, more natural environment for us and for future generations. We’re also certain that we should co-exist with our animal neighbors in a natural manner within an environment we all share.

Ecology – the interrelationship of organisms within their environment – is our principal scientific foundation. We seek to modify animal behavior within an ecosystem rather than profit from driving away or killing organisms any way we can. Please visit our Ecology page for an expanded view of how ecology plays a key role at EPIC in repellent development

We appreciate gardening and natural beauty. We understand the joys and spiritual uplift arising from the work and commitment to create personal visions of pleasant natural surroundings. We also appreciate the pain and anger felt when the animals who live among us naturally interpret our efforts as more nutritious and tasty restaurants for them and better places to live and raise their children.

We truly want to solve your problems, not entice you to buy our products.

We like hearing good things about what we do. So we believe in making excellent things and in doing our best as quickly as possible. Simply, we feel good about ourselves when you tell us you are happy, excited or pleased with our products or our service. And if you’re not happy for any reason, we actually want to make you happy and will make extra efforts to do so where we can.

We won’t make an average repellent that does a so-so job if you work hard with it, in order for us to better compete, sell more and increase profits. We won’t make claims that one formula can do several things well when we know from experience that is not true. We simply don’t believe in either and won’t do it.

We’re truly sorry that some folks believe our products are expensive. We believe all will find them to perform the best and every customer will save in many ways with their use. We won’t make repellents weaker or less effective to sell for less. We just don’t believe in that and won’t do it.

We feel fundamentally obligated to keep our word to you – with our products, our service and our guarantees.

We believe that your loyalty and your feedback validate everything that we are doing at EPIC. Your ideas and needs have driven the new products you now use and the favorites you continue to purchase.

We believe in partnering effectively and honestly with our dealers and distributors. Their commitment and support bring you our products together with their knowledge – all in your local community. We strongly believe you will benefit when you visit them and we encourage you to do so.

We are very grateful that you share our values and our approach. This sharing of philosophy has carried us from a novel mixing of natural ingredients in an unused chicken coop eleven years ago to premier leadership in the development of natural repellents in America.

These beliefs and feelings come from me and our entire team. Thank you, and please continue to share your thoughts with us.

Happy gardening!

David A. Cuddeback

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