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The EPIC Research & Development team’s experience and our development of proprietary methods of combining natural substances set us apart from other repellant makers. Our people begin with understanding the whole ecological system affected by animals and their behavior. Over many years, we have developed proprietary theory that points to combinations of ingredients that will deter animals and can predict the impact of repellent formulas on the animal, people and the environment if we use those deterrents in our product.

Our Method

EPIC’s R&D team zero bases each new formula rather than imitate competitors’ ingredients. We start with the study of the target animal – its biology, habitat, range, diet and behavior. Please see our page on Ecology.

We then refer to our extensive knowledge base of many animals’ reactions to a wide range of natural organic substances. Internal study and analysis have led us to develop a theoretical framework that predicts which substances could act effectively given a particular creature’s biology and behavior. Our R&D team’s experience and contacts enable us to select only the highest grades of active organic by-products, natural oils, herbal components, and unique organic carriers for ingredients.

It’s important to note that each natural repellent developed by EPIC is designed for ONE pest or target animal. We have learned that combining formulas for more than one species dilutes the effectiveness for each. We should also say here that all commercially sold repellents appear to work somewhat. A few work well, but have drawbacks with lasting in wet weather, bad smells or requiring a lot of applications, sometimes with equipment. We can safely say that none of them work as well as our Scram repellent designed for the creature on the label.

Then the fun begins with testing formula variants. We have several nearby locations with appropriate animal populations. We also developed testing relationships with companies, scientists, universities, professional pest and landscaping firms, and interested and dedicated individuals. These test sites are spread over nearly 20 states.

Our testing procedures establish the ingredient blend that works best, the carriers used to manufacture and disperse active ingredients, the best method for application to effectively repel the target animal, and how long the repellent will effectively last.

A great example is our newly developed armadillo repellent. Many customers have asked us for help with these animals which tear up lawns and gardens in several southern states. There are no armadillos even close to our headquarters and many of our R&D team had never even seen one. Still, the team studied armadillo biology and behavior and then applied our materials predictor theory. We already had test sites situated in Texas and Florida run by professionals with many years of trying to deter the animals. It’s important to note that these professionals repeatedly told us that NOTHING WORKS on armadillos. We finalized a test blend that made good sense and then mixed it into an organic granular carrier. Both professional testing sites reported that our very first formula WORKED! We continued with a further tweak which extends both effectiveness and how long it lasts, and our testers were extremely impressed. Look for Armadillo Scram late this summer when our packaging and manufacturing are complete.

Similar procedures led to the development of Scram for Dogs and Scram for Cats last year, although we will say that the formulas required several tests and variations before the results met our standards and requirements. These products won Best in Show at the huge National Hardware and Lawn & Garden Show in Las Vegas, are now shipping to stores across the country and have won many consumer testimonials for how well they work.

EPIC’s proven methods and experienced Research & Development team have produced a full line of America’s Finest™ natural, organic, effective, and 100% guaranteed domestic and wild animal repellents Look for your Scram repellent answers in fine independent stores everywhere..

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