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Single 3.5 lb. Bag of Scram for Dogs

Item #: 14003
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Scram for Dogs™

Scram for Dogs is an excellent repellent and training aid for your pet or for intruding animals.

Our product will prevent dogs from digging holes in gardens or near fences. It will also mask odors that attract dogs to habitually visited areas for urinating/defecating on lawns, near curbs, around garbage cans and in flower beds.

Not available for sale in AL.

May be used in any climate or temperature.

Scram for Dogs™ is fully backed by EPICS's industry-best 100% Guarantee!

Provides 600 sq. ft of protection per pound!

Keeps Dogs Away Naturally!

A Green Solution to dog Intrusion!

Scram for Dogs™ is specially formulated to NATURALLY train dogs to avoid treated areas. Our unique organic formula provides strong, natural repelling power without harming people, pets or the environment.

Scram for Dogs™ product is exempt from federal EPA pesticide registration under Reg.25(b) of FIFRA.


1. Remove existing feces prior to applying.

2. Before applying, turn bag upside down and shake the bag vigorously.

3. Apply by shaking granules in and around the area to be protected. The product should repel dogs immediately and quickly train them to avoid treated areas. If necessary, reapply as needed until product is effective and avoidance is demonstrated.

4. Once repelling action is well established, reapply every two or three weeks. Reapply after heavy rains.

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