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Skunk Scram

Skunk Scram™

The 5½-pound SHAKER JUG of Skunk Scram granular skunk repellent -- protects up to 3,500 square feet.

  • Stops lawn damage and prevents skunks from returning to treated areas.
  • All-natural formula contains no chemicals and works on skunks’ senses of taste and smell to deter them.
  • Eco-friendly -- won’t harm skunks, people or pets
  • Fast-acting and won’t wash off in normal rainfall


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5½-pound JUG of Skunk Scram granular skunk repellent skunks, stink, skunk spray, skunk damage, damage, digging, nocturnal, repel, go away
5½-pound JUG of Skunk Scram granular skunk repellent
Item #: 20206 - Skunk Scram is designed specifically to stop and then prevent damage damage caused by skunks. It is both highly effective and long-lasting. Skunk Scram -- America’s Finest™ granular skunk repellent -- is specifically designed to stop -- and prevent -- damage caused by skunks digging and feeding in urban and suburban settings. Skunks are...
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    Products 1-1 of 1

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